hoco. ES3 Sport Bluetooth Earphone

hoco. ES3 Sport Bluetooth Earphone

1. Speaker: 9mm., impedance: 32Ω ± 10%;
2. Frequency response: 20 ~ 20000Hz; bluetooth specification: Bluetooth V4.0 CSR, Net weight: 15g; protocols: A2DP. AVRCP. HSP. HFP;
3. Transmission range: 10 meters, transmission frequency 2.4GHz, charging voltage: DC 5V, line length: 15cm;
4. Charging time is about 2 hours, call time: over 7 hours, music time over 8 hours;
5. Size: 110*90*20mm, over 200 hours of standby time, battery capacity: 120mAH;
6. The “titanium” memory material cable able to recover even after more than 100 thousand times of extension, suitable for different head shapes; the fitting headset keeping you comfortable regardless of how long you wear; if not to use it for a while, you can hang it around your neck, making you stylish
7. The back wearing supra-aural design, fit for different auricle types, to achieve better wearing and listening experience, and not easily dropping when doing exercise.


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mckee colsman
1 year 9 months ago

how to attach to iphones? It’s charged, turned on, and I’ve tried to connect to 3 iphones, but it doesn’t show up under any bluetooth!

1 year 9 months ago

ES3 model is stop selling, sorry in your convenience.